At NK Engineers, we are committed to providing professional engineering services & solutions that are both accurate and reliable but more importantly, that are also eco-friendly and sustainable. With the current state of global climate change, it is imperative for all of us to do our part to ensure the future of our planet Earth.

We here at NK Engineers understand and embrace this responsibility with open green arms.

  • Green buildings are designed to save energy and resources, recycle materials and minimise the emission of toxic substances throughout its life cycle.
  • Green buildings harmonise with the local climate, traditions, culture and the surrounding environment.
  • Green buildings are able to sustain and improve the quality of human life whilst maintaining the capacity of the ecosystem at local and global levels.
  • Green buildings make efficient use of resources, have significant operational savings and increases workplace productivity.
  • Building green sends the right message about a company or organisation – that it is well run, responsible, and committed to the future.